Stergis Sonic Sound Reduction Windows & Doors Reduce Noise Pollution

Sound Reduction Windows

Reduce or Eliminate Exterior Noise Pollution with Sonic Windows

Our goal is to reduce noise levels and bring a better quality of life to homeowners and businesses in their daily lives. Working with Architects, Consultants and General Contractors, we can dial in any version of the Sonic window to meet your exact needs whether it is Urban, Airport, Windmill, Train or simply a barking neighborhood dog. Noise has become a large issue in our everyday lives, but with Stergis Sonic vinyl Windows and Doors, we hope to bring a little peace and quiet to an otherwise noisy environment.

A homeowner enjoying a tranquil home free of noise pollution thanks to Sonic Windows

Highest Sound and Thermal Performance in the Industry

Engineered for maximum acoustic insulation, Sonic windows shield interiors from external noise, creating an oasis of tranquility. Simultaneously, its advanced thermal features excel in energy efficiency, maintaining an optimal climate within.

Elevate your remodel or new development to new heights of comfort and sophistication with Sonic state-of-the-art windows, a testament to Stergis' position on the forefront of sound and thermal performance in the industry.

Sonic Windows and Doors from Stergis used in a residential home

Sound Reduction Windows for All Applications

Sonic sound reducing windows from Stergis are easily adaptable, which underscores their value as a comprehensive solution for noise control and comfort enhancement in various architectural settings.

  • Residential - reduce outside noise pollution
  • Commercial - minimize distractions from nearby traffic or construction
  • Heavy Commercial - mitigate noise from machinery or industrial activities
  • High Rise solutions - reduce noise from urban surroundings
Sonic Windows offer sleek profiles and clean lines

Clean, Architecturally Pleasing Design

Sonic sound reduction windows from Stergis seamlessly merge functionality and aesthetics, elevating the visual appeal of any building project. Beyond mitigating external noise, these windows offer sleek profiles, clean lines, and a careful selection of framing materials that integrate into diverse design styles.

The window's design seamlessly marries form and function, showcasing a sleek aesthetic that complements any architectural style.

Samples of Stergis Sonic Sound Reduction Windows

Third Party Tested for Dependable Sound Reduction

Sonic windows and doors are thoroughly lab tested for sound reduction

Sonic windows and doors are designed to meet the FAA guidelines for Part 150 Studies. Third party testing by a certified lab shows that Sonic products meet or exceed the requirements for reducing and mitigating airport noise.

Stergis Windows & Doors' products have been laboratory tested to show the level or noise reduction and mitigation required at various Dba values to suit your project needs.

Single Hung
Double Hung
Fixed Window
Patio Door
Tilt Turn
Swing Doors

*STC (Sound Transmission Class)
Indoor use typically: Measures a materials transmission loss. The higher the number the better the noise reduction

*(OITC) Outdoor / Indoor Transmission Class
Outdoor to Indoor Measurement: Used to measure Sound Deadening rates more in line with Dba ranges

Sonic Sound Reduction Windows & Doors from Stergis

The ultimate in sound reduction for windows

Sonic windows and doors protect you from the detrimental effects of prolonged exposure to loud sounds. And in addition to reducing sound, they also beautify your Residential, Commercial or Institutional space - inside and out. Stergis is proud to offer the Sonic Windows and Doors in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Use the button below to contact us to learn more.

An energy efficient office building with Sonic windows

Increased Energy Efficiency
Sound reduction windows provide insulation properties that improve energy efficiency by reducing heat loss or gain, lowering heating and cooling costs over time.

A thief looking through a broken window pane

Increased Security
Sound reduction windows often come with multiple layers of glass, which can provide added security by making it more difficult for intruders to break into a property.

A woman relaxing in a comfortable, peaceful indoor environment

Improved Comfort
Reducing external noise levels can contribute to a more comfortable and peaceful indoor environment and better concentration, relaxation, and overall well-being.

Sound reduction windows preventing sound from escaping your home

Enhanced Privacy
Soundproof windows not only reduce external noise but also help prevent sound from escaping the interior, thus providing enhanced privacy for occupants. This can be advantageous in residential settings where privacy is important.