Aluminum Windows & Doors

for Commercial Use

Architects, specifiers and developers have found Stergis Windows and Doors to be a single-source manufacturer and supplier they can depend on to support large projects. Our Architectural sales staff offer energy-efficient, long lasting products that provide the best quality for your next building project.

700 Series Aluminum

The 700 Series is a versatile and durable heavy commercial tilt hung window that has become a standard in the industry.


705 Tilt Single Hung

706 Tilt Double Hung

710 Fixed Window

765 Impact Tilt Single Hung

766 Impact Tilt Double Hung

760 Impact Fixed Window

800 Series Aluminum Windows

The 800 Series is the Stergis solution for a complete window system. The system consists of:

810 fixed window
850 project-out
851 project-in
852 casement
820 steel replication fixed window
821 steel replication Project-out
822 steel replication Fixed over Project-out
823 steel replication Fixed/Fixed/Project-out
824 steel replication Fixed/Project-out/Fixed

Seeing is believing.

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